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Our Mission is to make leaders easy to follow

Through a leader's values and how they build their relationships with courage and strength, they can move mountains.

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Modern leaders who adopt the ancient Samurai code live their most authentic life.

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Kris Mailepors - Experience you can count on

In 20 years of executive coaching and developing high performing leaders, I have a simple motto that drives me: 

"Better leaders produce better results"

Leadership development in the 21st century can no longer be one-size-fits-all.  It is a deeply personal journey and leaders must be authentic.


Are you an Easy to Follow Leader?

I published The Easy to Follow Leader because I wanted to throw a lifeline to the thousands of leaders who struggle with employee engagement, high turnover, unclear expectations, and effort that isn't getting results.

Being easy to follow is about authenticity; opening up what is most naturally important to you or your business. It’s about actively demonstrating it with your behavior. It’s about openly recognizing it in others. 

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Executive Coaching

Meet SunnyBear; the happiest traveler you'll meet

I have worked with leaders within healthcare, tech startups, finance, and other industries.  I am passionate about living a life of purpose and joy. Leadership development is my way to have a positive influence on the world.

I serve my communites through supporting youth services like the Boys and Girls Club, and being an advocate for animal rights. SunnyBear is available for guest appearances; click on her photo to link to the SCPA.

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Consultant, Derry, NH

 Kris is one of the most innovative people I have had the privilege to meet. 

Executive, SNHU, Manchester, NH

 Kris Mailepors knows how to make positive impressions. He's creative, perceptive, and willing to give anything a shot (...). He's understated yet memorable. Strong yet approachable. He's an asset to any team, company, organization, movement, colleague or friend. I wish there were more like him and hope to work with him again. 

RN, Catholic Medical Center, Manchester, NH

 Kris is a motivating and dynamic speaker. His workshops are informative and effective, and lead to changes in behavior and improvements in performance. His coaching provides the rare and valuable opportunity for self-reflection, personal, and professional growth. Kris is a valuable asset to teams and groups in any industry 

Dave T, Amazon review

Kris isn’t a stuffy one-industry “expert.” For twenty years he’s helped develop leaders in a wide variety of businesses. His diverse background shines through his stories and examples. His core message of defining your personal values and then living by them is so easy to blend into your everyday management style and philosophy.

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