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The Easy to Follow Leader

The Easy to Follow Leader, now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Aloha Publishing

"It is an authentic and inclusive way of thinking about leadership, based on natural strengths of each individual. We are all unique, applying a one size fits all to how to be a leader is why we have many “not so great” leaders. Great perspective and worth the read." -Amazon Review

What is BUSHIDO?

BUSHIDO - The Code of the Samurai

BUSHIDO is a term for the many codes of values observed by the Japanese Samurai centuries ago.  It has influences from Shinto and Zen Buddhism.  In the face of violence, the Samurai was tempered by wisdom, patience, and sincerity.  

It was this tenet that was the inspiration to bring the BUSHIDO way to 21st century leadership.

Leaders seek a way to listen through the noise of their modern environments; to lead with their heart and authenticity.  That is the BUSHIDO way.