C-Suite & Executive Coaching


You can read all the books you want, attend training courses, seminars, and conferences; but real progress comes with custom executive coaching. Coaching will show you your blind spots, improve your focus, help you shape your ideas, and give you deeper presence with your work and family relationships.

Nurse Leader Coaching


Leadership in nursing has never been tougher. Nurse leaders have a difficult time transitioning successfully from a bedside role to a leadership one. A coach will fast track building the right skills and presence to thrive in this stage of your career; focus on H/CG CAHPS, RN turnover, work/life balance, or choose a custom approach.

Retreat Facilitation


Book an unforgettable day with your organization's leaders.  Get first-class facilitation for a strategic planning session, a SWOT, an important training, or just a day of inspiration and motivation that will last.  Group executive coaching also available.  Get value out of your leadership development!

Conferences and Workshops


Enrich your event or workshop with a speaker who understands the science behind engagement, learning, and motivation.  Leave your audience with a mindset  that makes them energized and ready to act.   

Custom Solutions

Special rates apply to non-profits. Call 802-324-8735

Executive Coaching; Nurse Leader Coaching